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A well written CV will maximize your chances when you are out on the job hunt. We are here to give you a personalized experience, building a CV that sets you out from the bulk! Our experts understand both sides of the game – Employer & the individual aspiring to be the employee with years of experience in Recruitment.

You are not done, just with a good CV. We guide you on using the right platforms to connect with the desired jobs. Encourage you master the modern ways of contacting potential employers and get your applications fast-tracked

For the Interview, preparation is the key! Our advice here is invaluable and put you in the driver’s seat, right away! When you get there, the question “tell me about yourself” comes-up and it sounds easy, but for some, it’s a struggle, not knowing where to start from. So well in advance, we devise a striking Elevator Pitch, that

Go the Extra-mile with a Video CV


We brainstorm with individuals, as an effort to understand their personalities and goals. We then customise scripts to help them pitch in front of the camera and make unique intro videos. This whole exercise helps fresh Grads and professionals to build confidence, and the flair to narrate their stories, with ease