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Striking campaigns powered by students!

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Students can be the human resource that is just as efficient as any others. They are full of fresh ideas and hungry for real life experience. Thus, innovative businesses around the world are doing active research and pouring in efforts to make this young generation a part of their campaigns.  

So why should you give students the lead in your project? Think of a lively campaign that adheres to the local market, stems from forward-thinking, and on budget. Isn’t that enticing? We can make that happen for you, by being the facilitator between your campaign needs and the promising university students with our careful execution, trust-worthy network and market know-how.  

Despite inexperience, with a little of your mentoring efforts and our continuous coordination and support, we believe in pulling off wonders with them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, in which you get the quality campaign that won’t cost you a leg and the students get to learn!

Here is what we can do


pr & comms




This is how we do it

co-creating campaigns delivered by students

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To save your efforts, time & budget, we will help plan a campaign that not only works with you but is also highly practical for the students.

leveraging connections with institutions

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With an established network amongst the local universities and their faculties, we will help you recruit the right set of students for your project.

tracking the

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Through effective coordination with the students and other stakeholders, we will ensure that your objectives are carefully catered to.

We make things simpler for you!