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You’re browsing the web, and you can’t help but be amazed by the number of marketing videos that pop out on your screen. Some of them leave a strong impression on your mind and pique your curiosity.
 Now, as a small and growing business owner, isn’t that how you want your customers to feel coming across your videos on the web? Of course, it is!

However, elaborated marketing videos take a lot of time and money to launch, something perhaps only bigger firms can afford. Hey, don’t sweat it yet. Just because it’s easier for them doesn’t mean it has to be difficult for you.

Below is a list of four types of marketing videos that are not only suitable for your SME’s budget but also easily accomplished. 


You’ve got your services and products ready to be sold. The only part left is how to convince customers that what you offer is something they can use. That’s when how-to videos came to be. 

And the best thing about these videos is that they do not appear to be “trying to sell”, but rather relatable and helpful. So, how can you make a how-to video? 

First, pick a situation where a customer needs your product. Then make a video explaining how to get from point A to point Z in that particular situation in simple steps. Show the audience your product is handy in the first, middle, or last step. Voila, there’s your marketing video. 

Still, lost? Take a look at this example of Vinamilk showing the audience how to make desserts with their product as one of the ingredients. 

Recipes for desserts


No connection is more wonderful than that between human beings. To make your products or services stand out in a matter of seconds, you first need to craft a good reason why your audience should care about you. 

The best way to do that is to showcase a touching story from your side of the screen. Be it the story of your “big and ambitious dream” as a business owner or the story of how happy and satisfied your employees are. You can even tell an emotional story about how your goods are developed. 

The key is to create something unique and positive. Recent research has shown that positive messages are beneficial to the customers’ thought-action repertoire.



The popularity of an entertaining Tiktok or Reel video can spread like wildfire. They are easy to produce and rely heavily on current Internet trends.

This is extremely useful for small businesses that aim at showing the world their fun and relatable side. Also, these short-formed videos are perfect for companies who are looking to base their businesses mainly on social media platforms.

A well-crafted bite-sized video can:

  • Grab the attention of ad-hoc customers
  • Boost the company’s image
  • Get you a chance to pitch your goods 


The term is pretty much self-explanatory: A podcast with visual elements. And the great thing about them is that you’re already doing most of the work. 

What is the spoken content for your video podcast? Hey, it’s already in your business practices or industry. Filter it, polish it, and there is your audio script. 

What about the visual side of the medium? Just record yourself speaking as a host or your colleagues or employees conversing on screen with simple graphic elements thrown in. 

This type of marketing video is amazing at gaining the trust of your audience because it doesn’t require “acting out scenes”—something that might make the audience aware that they are being marketed to—and gives them a chance to focus on what you’re saying.


Of course, you can always dig in with more advanced production, but these 4 types of marketing videos are just the right fit for the scale of your small business, especially at the formative stage. 
If these suggestions are still hazy to you, reach out to The Bear Connection to receive stunning video marketing consultation from bright young teams.

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