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Going all in for every bit of income sure is the “it” goal for a small business because, let’s face it, money is the fuel! However, you can’t make that money last if you overlook the evolving concept of employer branding. 

There are valid reasons why big brands are digging deep into this type of branding. Ask yourself, why do customers want to invest in that company and not us? Or, how come they can hire such a talented person for that position while our HR team is sitting here yawning? 

See where this is going? This article will provide you with reasons why it is so crucial to have a plan set aside for employer branding and 3 tips to keep in mind before laying the foundation for the concept at your firm.

What is Employer Branding, anyways?

Hmmm, let’s break it down into small chunks, shall we? 

 Employer: That means you, the person in charge of your business. 

 Branding: The process of crafting an ideal identity that stays in the mind of your target market. 

Therefore, “employer” + “branding” = “the process of making your company desirable to prospective employees”. In other words, it refers to a company’s reputation as a great place to work and its message that we, as a business, are worth your time and effort. 

Employer branding is physical and mental. Companies don’t just stop at promoting the trendy look of their offices or how well-ventilated their conference room is. An employer brand also includes the company history, the thoughts of everyone working there, and how internal or external relationships are handled. Even the way job seekers think of the company matters!

Why should small businesses do it? 


As a small business, the margin is narrow when it comes to hiring. With limited options for perfect candidates, the smart way is to let the right candidates come for you. A good employer branding strategy can help with that by establishing in the minds of job seekers that you are a business with ethical practices, wonderful benefits, and amazing support.


One of the worst nightmares for a business, regardless of size, is bad reviews. And in the digital age, where online words spread at the speed of lightning, such things can destroy a company overnight. Take a look at the infamous case of a bad employer that starts with a tiny tweet on Twitter as an example. On the flip side, a good review can elevate your business to cloud nine in no time.


How you treat employers can be the motivation for customers to trust you. There have been cases in business history in which customers boycotted a company because of poor employee treatment. As a small business, building a good base of customers is one of the ultimate goals.

Where to start Employer Branding, then?

Before deciding to embark on a full-swing employer branding campaign, you can pocket these 3 useful tips. 

Identify the weak links

Performing an audit on your brand’s perception can help you have a more objective outlook on where to start. You’ll have a chance to see if your vision, mission, and values are in the right places and which of them need refinement—maybe by sprinkling in some local touches, crafting a more touching story, or building a better managerial system. 

Learn to establish the Employer Value Position (EVP)

A crucial part of any successful employer branding campaign is a well-established EVP. It is what you promise employees in exchange for their skills and abilities. Great businesses offer a balance between rewards and benefits that can motivate employees to put in tremendous efforts, for example, clearly defined career promotions or a promising performance review. 

Think about what goes beyond the office walls

Creating a positive experience for anyone who comes into contact with your small business, especially potential candidates, should be the key to your employer branding journey. You’d want to make sure that from the moment job seekers enter your name in the search sequence down to when you’re about to turn their CVs down, the interaction between you and them remains welcoming and pleasing.


Employer branding is a long-term process, and the result is extremely rewarding. That is if you know what to do and where to start! As a small business, it might not be easy at all. You’re going to have to struggle a lot. 

 Now if your new small business in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, is in dire need of employer branding, The Bear Connection can help smooth out the rocky road toward a successful plan.

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