Student Campaign: Young and In-charge

As a small business, or perhaps a start-up, your job as the main team player is heavy with both administrative and creative tasks. And sometimes, that creative sparks run out. Hey, it happens even to the best of us. This is when you should consider investing in “Student Campaign”.

What is a student campaign?

A student campaign is a marketing campaign that is innovated by college-aged students. Imagine an actual marketing gig with actual marketing agents, now switch them to students!

The process is very simple: You have a service or product that you wish to promote. You contact the right connector that will act as the bridge between the college students and your business as. Or if it’s alright with you to handle the task on your own, you absolutely can reach out to universities yourself. Communicate your ideas and expectations to students. And the rest of the work is just waiting to harvest the fruits!

However, that doesn’t mean handing in all the work to the students. The key point of a student campaign is to let students’ marketing insights in on your main challenges. For example:

  • How to get the younger generation to approach your services or products?
  • How does your branding appeal to people?
  • Or where is your business positioned in the mind of your demographic?
  • And many other issues, like does the USP work, is the pricing too high or too low?

Why students, you ask?

The number one reason is “perspectives”

College/university students are tech savvy and trendy, as you’ve probably seen the gigantic amount of content that young people produce on social media. They are the trendsetters and constantly keep tabs on the newest, hottest stories – not just in their local environment, but also globally. 

One of the main reasons start-up and small firms fail is becoming irrelevant to the market. If businesses can take advantage of what the students can do, they can gain lots of insights on how to “ride the wave” and keep their businesses modern, updated and relevant. 

Check out this fantastic example of an advertising campaign led by students of Deakin University.

Gain more than what you pay for

The obvious benefit of a student-led campaign is its cost. Students aren’t professional marketers, so they ask for a very small amount of incentives, and sometimes you don’t even have to pay in money!

While being a business opportunity for us, it is also a learning chance for students. In exchange for that learning, they often seek credits, constructive criticism on their skills and recognition from the school for education advancement.

With the amount of interesting information you can get, this is a win-win situation!  

How to make student campaigns work?

Here are some solid advice on what can be expected before kickstarting your student campaign:

  1. Don’t discard insights you don’t like

Of course, not all students have the same quality of ideas, or can be 100% on-point from the get-go. But instead of turning down ideas you don’t think will fit in your marketing objectives at that point, do keep it in your company’s “idea vault” for later uses.

  1. Expect to go back-and-forth

Students might bring about fresh ideas, but keep in mind that they are inexperienced. Therefore, prepare a good outline of all your goals and challenges that you need them to work on and communicate with them, either directly, or through your campaign organizer, every step of the way.

  1. Know your students and their curriculum

Just because students are eager to learn, doesn’t mean you can pick a random group of students to work on your campaign. Obviously, you can’t ask a linguistic major to work on a sports business’s campaign. Carefully look through the majors, performances of students before igniting your student campaign.

Where to find help in kickstarting your student campaign?

There are many big-name agencies that are willing to be the conductor of student campaigns, but for a small business, cost-effective choices should always be valued. 

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, where universities are plenty and thriving, The Bear Connection is a great choice for small businesses or start-ups who wish to give power to bright young minds in their next campaign and at a competitive price. 

Still curious about how it is done? Check out our Student Campaign Service here.

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