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Defying the Ordinary

Hello and welcome to The Bear Connection!

… and it didn’t just happen! The tenacity of the Graduate population in Vietnam to excel in their career, is amusing. But, the gaps in the areas of English language, confidence and attitude are more or less evident. This compelled the idea of The Bear Connection, the need to equip youngsters with the power to steal the show and nail the interviews.

When we launched The Bear Connection in 2020, I had 10 years of corporate experience as a Recruiter with a record of consulting companies and hiring for diverse range of roles across IT/Software, Digital, Pharma, Food technology and Engineering domains.

I am your true global citizen – lived and worked in metropolitan cities of London, Singapore, Hyderabad and Ho Chi Minh City, and understands the role of regional cultures to navigate around.

Not just helping at an individual level, we also scaled it up to Universities too, conducting useful workshops. Setting a new trend of “CV in a Video” has been the Game Changer. This idea soon extended to the corporates as well, and we consult several start-ups and companies on Video Marketing – scripting intros videos, ads, events etc..

We are more than just your reliable partner. We are Innovation! Always exploring creative ideas, that make the difference. One more thing we just don’t consult, we get it done for you!

Pardhu Narukula

Our Vision

To untangle the world and make everything more simpler and expressive.

Our mission

To enable individuals and organizations realize the ‘power of storytelling’ with effective script writing. Innovate and simplify the way of presentation, by picking up on absolute elements from day-2-day life

Core Values