How can one deny the convenience of many online job boards in the digital era where applying for a job is a matter of just a few clicks? Whilst it sounds quite easy and convenient for the job applicants, it will create a clutter of applications that will overwhelm the busy Recruiter on the other end. 

Moreover, companies these days including Adecco, the world’s largest Staffing firm are employing AI-powered robots for screening job applicants and even automating most of the recruitment processes for improving efficiency. So, now it’s not just getting through to a human, but also a Robot! 

So smarter graduates who don’t want to deal with uncertainties when applying for jobs online like not hearing back from employers and automated rejection emails, have to work the way around. So let’s dig into 5 alternative ways of connecting with a job, through this article.

Fresh Graduates scenario in Vietnam

Getting on job boards is a common way of job seeking in Vietnam as there are several popular job boards in the likes of Glints, Ybox, Internship VN, etc. These platforms bring convenience to students as they only need to find some job ads then do a few clicks to upload their automatically made CV. And that’s it! The process ended. 

The employment rate amongst youngsters is 88.3% after 12-month graduation according to the Ministry of Education and Training. One of the reasons behind this long wait for getting a job is the lackluster understanding of the labour market of most students. In today’s trend of recruitment, candidates being active isn’t enough, they have to be proactive in their job search journey in order to land their dream jobs efficiently and quickly. Thus, we’re here to “tip” you to 5 ways to be proactive and maximise your job-searching efficiency.

5 alternatives

Pick up the phone!

Calling the Recruiters directly shows off your communication skills, which is (always) part of the role you are applying to. Give Recruiters a cold call after you’ve carefully read all the selection criteria in the Job Descriptions shows your side of well preparation and confidence which we believe, will definitely catch their attention. You can ask questions about the role to better showcase your relevant information about them. If you do this, you will stand a better chance of reaching your dream position as you have demonstrated your decent communication ability to the Recruiters.

Reach out to Recruiters

It’s been a while after you sent your application but still haven’t heard back from the Recruiters? This is a sign for you to reach out to them, directly. The hiring manager may have missed your application on accident that they didn’t really have a chance to even look at what you wrote in there. Also, when you actively reach out to them, it shows that you have a great passion and how much you really want the position at their company which is a bonus to the Recruiters.

Professional networking events 

Networking isn’t just simply about exchanging information or making acquaintances. Networking events are all about establishing, building, and nurturing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with the people you meet. As you network with like-minded people, in your industry, and even outside your field of interest, you’ll uncover opportunities to connect with different types of mentors and advisors, increase your visibility with senior management, further develop your areas of expertise, and improve your soft skills. All these things play a crucial part in your job hunt journey as it gives you chances to briefly tell them your skills. Recruiters, senior managers, advisors, etc., they’ll have a glimpse at your talents and may be able to refer you to the jobs they’re offering, or even the ones that they know.

Your professional network can also support you by helping you find valuable connections in the industry you are trying to get in or find jobs at specific companies. Take the time to build meaningful relationships with those in your professional circle, you can tap into those valuable connections for referrals, insights into job leads, and other valuable information.

Make use of your alumni network

Data conducted by Harvard Business Review shows that professionals with a shared alma mater are consistently more likely to support one another. Hence, it would be a smart move to reach out to your alumni connections. You can connect with ones whose interests or industries are similar to yours and dig into their relevant connections; or you can just straightforwardly speak to them. There’s a high chance that your university alumni will support you with all their heart and passion and You’re going to be amazed by the number of opportunities you can find through your alumni network.

Career fairs

Online job boards are limited when it comes to the details about the jobs descriptions and even job listings. Whereas, open-up job options is the number one advantage of attending a career fair. A university career fair offers you the chance to touch base with dozens of potential employers and you can learn what types of jobs they offer and if they have any internships available, all in one place! Moreover, meeting with recruiters at the fair offers you a chance to ask questions and expand your knowledge about a potential employer.

Similarly to a networking event, a career fair also offers you a chance to present yourself to potential employers. If you make a good impression, you may end up with an interview right on the spot. Even if they don’t interview you immediately, they will take your resume and get back to you afterwards. The more contacts you make, the more opportunities you will have to land a job or internship.


These are a few alternatives to land a job or internship outside of job boards. When you are a University student or a Fresh graduate, we believe it’s important that you get a few essential things right before you apply for a job. If you are living in Vietnam, you should contact The Bear Connection, for the best career advice and preparation for any upcoming career moves you’re going to make. Whether writing a CV, or career consultant, you are in good hands!

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