The Bear Connection offers valuable and insightful career consulting services for both graduates and working professionals. Our idea is to enable people to articulate their strengths and face interviews in a better way.

We brainstorm with individuals and understand their personalities and goals. We then customize scripts to help them pitch infront of the camera and make unique intro videos, presentations and more. This whole exercise helps professionals build confidence, and the flair to narrate their stories, with ease.

For organizations, we bring in simple and creative ideas to make their marketing and communication look different. Involving people and incorporating simple elements from their everyday life, we write scripts for intro videos, corporate decks, case-studies, ads and comms.

All in all, bring a new experience, that combines the feel of working with creative agency, the vibe of engaging a professional trainer – a perfect platform to make the real connection with the world out there!


To make the world much simpler and expressive.


To enable individuals and organizations to realize the ‘power of storytelling’ with simple and effective scripts. To innovate and simplify the way of presentation, by picking up on absolute elements from day-2-day life.

About The Founder

Pardhu Narukula graduated from the University of East London, UK and has lived and worked in London, Singapore, Hyderabad and Ho Chi Minh City. He combines 10 years of corporate working experience across recruitment and sales & marketing.

However, with most of his career spent on Headhunting, Pardhu had seen thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of people, and he always thought there must be better ways for candidates to express their capabilities, ambitions and goals.

Driven by passion and mentorship at heart, the tenacity of the Graduate population in Vietnam to explore and excel in their dream roles quite amazed him. However, the gaps in the areas of English language, confidence levels and attitudes are pretty evident. Hence the idea of The Bear Connection emerged out of the need to get them the power to nail the interviews.

On the other hand, Pardhu is always amused with the creative, out-of-box advertising and branding concepts. He literally stops by those head-turning captions, logos, billboards in the middle of the road! As he put sit “You gotta be an admirer of the exceptional ways of advertising and only then you can help companies differentiate themselves, writing effective scripts. Hence The Bear Connection is not just for individuals, but also for organizations.”

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